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we help great ideas thrive in the wild

what we do

tent & bear is an innovation design agency.

we help businesses imagine and explore new horizons.

and we pitch our tent wherever the adventure calls.

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change is the constant and it's only getting faster. to prosper, your business needs to embrace rapid exploration and testing in the wild. we help you navigate the wilderness by building fast, nimble products and platforms with the smarts to grow and thrive.

step 1


Would you head out into the wild without a plan? Launching a venture is no different. The better your plan, the smoother your journey.

step 2


Set out as quickly you can. fieldwork is where it counts. basics first, of course. we need to survive, before we can thrive. water. fire. pitch our tent.

step 3


never grow comfortable. nature, one minute you stand in awe, the next you're eaten. it's the ultimate leveller. stop adapting and you won't thrive.

your wilderness survival guide




the world is fully of unprecedented opportunity. make a plan. explore fast and thoroughly. keep trying new things. respect the wild. and always make sure you hire the right guide.

places we've pitched our tent

from New York to Hong Kong, at tent & bear we thrive on freedom. our mission is to stay lean and independent. our core team brings together just the right talent for your needs, wherever you need it most.

it’s the agency model of the future, today.

we're excited to pitch our next tent!

do you have an exciting adventure to discuss, what are you waiting for?

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great ideas are made by free, happy people. if you like freedom and you like ideas, come join us in the wild.

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